What is Trunk?

Trunk is a language learning application focused on helping people improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary. It is inspired by several existing programs (LWT, FLTR, and Anki).


Download Trunk on itch.io. A list of all releases can be found on the code repo release page.


  1. Download Trunk for your platform and open it (if you are on mac, you will need to right click on Trunk and click "open")

  2. Find an article or text in the language you wish to practice

  3. Click "create article", fill our the form, and submit

  4. Open the article

  5. To read the article, navigate by clicking on words or using your arrow keys to move through the article. The intent is to mark how well you know words, and to add translations to those you don't know:

    • While a word is selected, pressing 1-5 will update your comfort with the word.

    • You can add translations in the text box in the right window, and click "update word" to submit the change.

    • Open the google translate window by clicking "Open Translation" in the bottom right. It will dynamically update with the selected word as you read.

    • It is possible to select groups of words by clicking on one word, holding shift, and clicking on another. You may then treat this selection as a "phrase" and assign it a comfort level and translation, the same as a word

  6. As you enter more texts into Trunk you will come across more words and phrases that you already know - marking them and changing your comfort rating will be reflected in all texts.


Trunk is alpha software. As its development continues, please be aware that future versions will likely not be compatible with the database of texts/words that you add in current versions. With that said, it is possible to export your data as a sqlite database and future migration strategies might be built.

Open Source

Trunk is open source. You can contribute, file issues, or read the code on Github.